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Memotong MP3 untuk Ringtone HP

Dengan menggunakan MMC (Mobile Media Converter) kita bisa memotong file .mp3, .wav, .amr untuk dijadikan ringtone di HP kesayangan kita. Selain memotong mp3, MMC juga bisa mengconvert file-file lainnya, lihat di . Tapi yang sedang ingin saya bicarakan disini tentang mp3 saja.

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MP3 Cutter

Vinyl multi-128

This small about 69KB, but smart application will cut small parts of any file MP3 song. MP3 cutter is a smart and reliable application that will cut small parts of any MP3 song. These small parts can be useful in many ways. Exemple, you can use these small parts as ring tone of you cell phone.

MP3 cutter pop java enabled mobiles phones. Works only with MP3. Tested and worked with a Sony Ericsson K510I and any other mobile phones like Motorola, Samsung and Siemens.

How it’s work? Download this application in here. Download to your phone and run. Open this application, always allow application to read user data and find where your MP3 saved. If you Continue reading