Writing Tresno Jalaran soko Kulino

Paint CAD


Long time ago, I was
searching for a powerful
image editor for my
SE K550I and I found a
powerful software to do
that. It is PaintCAD and
its absolutely free. It has
got a powerful interface
to work with new or
existing images. It has
been updated many
times and I personally
want to thank the
developer for such a
creative work.
You can download it from If you find
it difficult to download it
because of the language
of the site, just email me
or call me. I will send it
for you. The site is
russian but the software
is fully in english.
Also you can add fonts to
use for the program. Get
them from
fonts.htm and if you
want to make your
custom font, you can
download font creator
from his site. Also, if you
need custom fonts of
Nepali language and
other english languages,
you can email/call me.
With best regards, thanks.


Author: Bisida

Mari perangi pembajakan software dari diri kita sendiri... :)

3 thoughts on “Paint CAD

  1. where is my comment 😦

  2. apa ya ini?

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