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Public Speaking

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Public Speaking is conducting or delivering speech in formal situation with features :

  • Public speaking is more highly structured
  • Public speaking requires more formal language
  • Public speaking requires a different method of delivery.

If we want talk in front of more people, we must know some rules public speaking below :

  • It imposes strict time limitation on the speaker. (No interruption, question or commentary) Need more detailed planning and preparing than the ordinary conversation.
  • Slang, jargon or bad grammar have little place in public speeches.
    Ex : George speaks to a congressional commite, she doesn’t say, “We’ve dann well got whole committe just to make a few more backs. I listener will back negatively. (speech should be “special” – speaker should polish their language)
  • Adjust their voices to be heard clearly through out. The audience they assume a more erect posture avoid avoid distracting memorism and verbal habits. (vocalized pause : ehm, er, um)

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